Unlike the rest of our projects, these bale walls keep the inside cool in the winter and shutters keep the sun out. This 1800 sq.ft. barn stores 2 tons of organic vegetables making them available at local markets in the winter. Three cold rooms store vegetables at various temperatures and humidities. The large double doors allow a small tractor to unload inside a large central room where vegetables are washed and sorted. The workshop at one end is where things are fixed and where seeds are started. It is the only room where sunlight is always welcome.

In keeping with the principles of organic farming, this vegetable barn was built as naturally and locally as possible. The exterior straw bale walls are plastered with a heavy coat of local clay and the exterior is plastered in lime. The 2×6 interior walls between the cold rooms are insulated with straw that is lightly coated in clay. The ceiling is plastered in clay over wooden lath. The attic is insulated with recycled cotton batts and the green roof on top is a garden of native plants.