Attention to detail from design to construction

Building Dream Homes

Straworks Inc. offers the following straw bale construction services to residents and businesses in the Peterborough area:

Our model is to Design-Estimate-Build one Straworks Wall System No. 1 house per year and do straw bale walls, plastering and carpentry contract work on other new builds outside of that.

Education is ongoing as Deirdre teaches carpentry and straw bale building workshops at Endeavour throughout the year.

Our clients are typically people who’s dream build looks like ours:

  • A building sized appropriately to the number of occupants
  • Located within an hour of Peterborough, Ontario
  • Made of natural and local materials
  • Rich in character and feel
  • Free of high-embodied energy and toxic materials
  • Built by a crew that cares about their work and brings that energy to work
  • Built with a triple bottom line — dollars and cents, carbon footprint, and how well the space functions and fosters connection

If all of that sounds like you, then let’s talk!