What does the clay-lime plaster do?

                             a lot. 


  • Structure – As the stiffest element, it takes the shear and lateral loads. 
  • Air control – As the interior air barrier, it limits air movement into the straw.  
  • Weather control – As the exterior weather-resistant barrier, it prevents rain and wind infiltration. 
  • Fire control – As a masonry non-combustible material, it drastically limits flame-spread and allows a straw bale wall to offer 1 hr. fire resistance. 
  • Pest control – As a solid mineral-based corrosive material, pests don’t chew it. 
  • Crack control – All buildings move. Clay-lime plaster flexes ever so slightly with movement instead of cracking. 
  • Finish & Beauty – As the finished surface inside and out, the plaster is the finished look and feel of the home. 

 Since 2014, we have plastered over 12 straw bale houses with the same clay-lime plaster mix.