About Us

Quality construction since 2004

When built properly, straw works.

Straworks Inc. is one of Ontario’s only established straw bale building companies. We are located in Peterborough, ON, and work within an hour of home. We specialize in design, estimating and building to ensure your home is built the way you want it and within your budget. We take pride in our work and have fun doing it, because when built properly, straw works.

Deirdre McGahern

Deirdre McGahern started Straworks in 2004. She is is a licensed (BCIN) designer, a carpenter and a natural builder and as president she also runs the company. You can read more about her here.

Solomon Johnston

Solomon Johnston is a licensed carpenter and Straworks lead crew member. Since 2012 he has delivered exceptional energy and skill that is rooted in his background as an organic farmer and a myriad of ongoing endeavours. From hunting, to gardening, to making cider and maple syrup with mills and evaporators that he has made, to cooking, biking, canoeing, wood working and enjoying life with his family Solomon is one of the most dynamic people you could ever meet. Between his jokes, his singing and his cooking, he keeps us smiling.

Sean Saunders

Sean started working for Straworks in 2008 making him Straworks longest standing crew member. In 2010 he took the year off to build his own Straw bale house and hired Straworks for the design, the framing and the plastering. His care, attention to detail and straight ahead work ethic are second to none. He lives to plaster and works in part generally for Straworks to help us move through the other stages faster so there is less time in-between when its “time to plaster”.

Pay it forward

Deirdre is a volunteer mentor for Junior Achievement, Canada’s largest youth business education organization. She is a mentor for JA’s signature Company Program Program where high school students to start and run a company together over an 18 week period.