This is the addition that every growing family who purchases a Century home could use: A mudroom, bathroom, laundry room, garage with living space above and lots of insulation in contrast to the home’s double brick walls. This is one of our only design-estimate-build projects that is not straw bale. The existing footprint left only 14’ for the width of the mudroom extension and that could not afford 16” wide straw bale walls. Nor did it makes sense to build straw bale walls over the garage. Instead we opted for conventional stick frame walls insulated with Roxul to R-30 and double-framed walls insulated with blown-in cellulose to R-40. For exterior finishes we used lime plaster over Roxul drainboard and locally sourced and milled pine live edge siding. In so doing we stayed true to building super insulated walls and using natural and locally sourced materials.