Canteen Washroom Facility

Commercial - 2005 - Madoc, ON

Straworks first solo design-build project is worth a visit. It is located at the Centre Hastings Skate Park in Madoc Ontario, where there is something for everyone including delicious french fries, a state-of-the art skateboarding park, a playground, a water park and performing arts centre. It is open every day from the long weekend in May until Thanksgiving. In each washroom, you’ll find a truth window proving that this building is built not of straw but of hemp! Brought to the area by Irish immigrants in the mid-1800s, hemp bales are formidable insulators. Several other hemp bale buildings exist in the area. This building is Straworks one and only example of load-bearing straw bale construction.


- Straworks Inc.


720 sq.ft.

Structure, systems, finishes

  • Rubble trench foundation
  • Load bearing straw bale walls complete with cement-lime plaster

Services included

  • design-estimate-build
  • foundation
  • straw bale walls
  • plastering
  • framing
  • insulating and air sealing
  • installing windows & doors
  • installing steel roof
  • siding & exterior trim