Root Radical Farm House

Residential - 2010 - Howe Island, ON

How sweet is it when you are building a house and your uncle down the road grows your insulation? Even sweeter when you are young organic farmers building a house while running a CSA. It’s inspiring to work with people that accomplish big things by working hard and rallying their community. By keeping the footprint small and keeping the height to one storey, this couple was able to build most of this house themselves and with help from family and friends. Straworks came on-site to help prepare the walls for plastering and to plaster them. Small, sustainable and within their means, we want more projects like this one please!


Straworks Inc.


1200 sq.ft.

Structure, systems, finishes

  • Concrete block stem wall  foundation with 5” concrete slab
  • Straworks Wall System No. 1 Walls complete with lime plaster
  • Wood cookstove also supplies space heating and domestic hot water
  • Reclaimed wood ceiling & window stools
  • Polished concrete floors

Services included

  • design
  • prepping bale walls for plastering
  • plastering