This home was designed and built by Straworks Inc. in 2016 and in many ways was an ideal project: it was designed and estimated in-house, built on time and budget, built using local materials, built with super levels of insulation, located 40 kms from home, built by a happy crew for a happy client. We’d like another one just like it!

The straw bale walls fall under the Straworks Wall System No.1 and are plastered with clay, lime, sand and straw. That is our tried and true plaster system that we stand behind with permeability, longevity, beauty and low embodied energy in mind. This home also features Ontario’s largest earthen floor! It’s a 3/4” layer of clay, sand and straw that we hardened with oils before varnishing and waxing and delivering a durable, natural and local floor with a unique old world feel.

Please download the open house handout to learn more